AoT Lagos 2.0


Art of Technology Lagos 1.0 [AoT Lagos 1.0] curated by Eko Innovation Centre was a Lagos-State-powered Innovation & Technology conference that brought together about 2000 technology organizations, policy makers, government officials, venture capitalists, product designers, cultural architects, software engineers / programmers, creative architects, innovators and tech enthusiasts to drive innovations that will pave way for the evolution of a smarter, digital, more efficient and a more competitive Lagos.

The outcome of the conference was the launch of Lagos State Innovation Masterplan and other developmental initiatives.


AoT Lagos 2.0






3RD & 4TH


AOT Lagos 2.0 will facilitate multi-stakeholder discussions, exchanges and collaborations along the data value chain as an enabler of SMARTER LAGOS; identify and leverage the outcomes of data and its insights to the development of smart cities, build and strengthen the capacity of stakeholders to actively participate in Smart Lagos development process and chart a vision for the next phase of development to cement Lagos as Africa’s key tech hub.

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Babajide Sanwoolu





Our Keynote speakers are seasoned experts in big data, blockchain, artificial Intelligence and social innovation. They will, in collaboration with the hosts, facilitate multi-stakeholder discussions, exchanges and collaboration on data as an enabler of smarter Lagos. They will explore new realities, possibilities and suggest ways Data and Tech can help drive development. They’ll decode the complex advances in these fields to reveal a constantly evolving world that is changing in exciting ways to create the world we currently inhabit, and the future.

The top tech keynote speakers will help proffer solutions to help Lagos State become a Smart City.








Our panelists are leading innovators, thought-leaders, and technology enthusiasts who are carefully selected to curate conversation on how to connect the realities of today with the prospective tomorrow.

They will engage on the understanding of data economy, the opportunities it presents and the exponential change it could trigger.

They will focus on exploring collaborative platforms to facilitate the sharing of the best ideas and innovations to inform policy and inspire collective action for scale and global impact.





Lagos 2030: Data as a Vehicle into creating The Future.

Lagos is the most populous city in Nigeria with an estimated population size of 18 million. The state is considered to be the major financial centre for all of Africa and the economic hub of Nigeria. It is safe to say that the city is a cluster of data which if properly collected and analyzed can trigger economic revival for the entire country and by extension, the whole of Africa. Clearly, data is the baseline to building the Lagos of tomorrow and it is therefore important to curate conversation on how data can be collected, collated, analyzed and used to build unique and urbane products for Lagos and Lagosians.



Data Integrity & Blockchain: Challenges and Learning.

Fintech is one of the most exciting and fast-growing areas, and has changed the way Nigerians think about money and value exchange. It has led to the emergence of new business models that is reshaping financial services. Nigerian banks can now integrate mobile banking platforms and leverage emerging tech like AI and blockchain. it is believed that fintech provides unique opportunity to promote financial inclusion in the country, enabling the CBN reach its goal of reducing the unbanked persons from 46% to 20% by the end of 2020. However, two major concern needs to be critically addressed: Data integrity and Blockchain.This session will help to minimize product/startup failures.



Data Strategy for Start-up Valuation and Growth: Credible Data for Business Acceleration

Survey shows that 8 out of 10 businesses will fold up within the first 18 months of their existence. As of 2018, Nigeria had attracted up to $306 million in funding for over 26 deals. In 2019, a total of $491.6 million was invested in African tech startups, with Nigeria raking in 24.8% of the total investments worth $122 million with the fintech sector taking the lead. Recently, Paystack was acquired by Stripes for over $200 million and this is arguably the biggest single investment in a Nigerian startup. Owning a startup can be very challenging and raising fund to get it off-ground is even much more challenging as startups need to survive the VUCA marketplace. It is imperative that startups understand how to use data and analytics to boost their valuation in order to attract the right funding, relevance and growth.



Diversity and Inclusion in Tech: Creating Allies

Though almost half of the Country’s population is made up of female (49.33%), only about 22% of the total number of engineering and technology university graduates each year are females. This gender gap in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields will not close on its own. Stakeholders need to be intentional about galvanizing awareness and deliberate action towards encouraging gender balance and inclusivity within the tech industry. Research has shown a clear positive link between increased gender diversity and financial results, across different industries and countries. Successfully addressing the gap can unlock significant commercial and socio-economic opportunities, benefiting businesses and society as a whole.


Data, Lagos and 1 Million Jobs.

Technology has already significantly changed the job landscape worldwide. From the emergence of the gig economy, remote working, and advances in automation, technology is giving us more options than ever to create and execute jobs. Studies show that Nigeria’s unemployment rate currently stands at 27.1% (from 23.1% in 2018), with an underemployment rate of 28.6%. This indicates an urgent need to reassess how jobs are created. In addition to structural reforms, there is a need to leverage data for more efficient job creation. Many regions around the world already lean on data to bridge the skills gaps, empower employers/employees, and essentially smoothen the job creation cycle. In Nigeria, data-led decisions could also help facilitate the consistent creation of decent, sustainable jobs



Data-Driven Models of Healthcare Delivery

The Nigerian healthcare has suffered several down-falls. Despite Nigerian's strategic position in Africa, the country is greatly underserved in the healthcare sphere. Health facilities are inadequate in Nigeria. The system remains weak as evidenced by lack of coordination, fragmented services, dearth of resources ( including drugs, supplies and equipment), decaying infrastructure, inequity in resource distribution, and consistent intellectual flight. However, the use of technology to deliver quality healthcare has been a decade-long conversation. How can data transform this sector? How do we use tech to track, gather, store, retrieve, and make healthcare decisions?



Data Inclusiveness to Tackling Educational Challenge: New Connectivity for Educational Advancement

Education in Nigeria is plagued by a myriad of problems. These include poor funding causing poor educational infrastructure, inadequate classrooms, teaching aids (projectors, computers, laboratories and libraries), paucity of quality teachers and poor learning environment. In addition to these inadequacies, the student populace is meshed in numerous social vices such as examination malpractices, cultism, hooliganism and corruption. How can big data transform the teaching-learning process and deliver an effective way to develop both the learners and educators for better learning outcomes in both privileged and indigent societies?. How can technology accelerate the pace of change in formal and informal learning, create engaged students, interactive learning and access a wider range of information? It is time we begin to deliberately integrate digital technology into educational sector and redefine the definition of ‘classroom’ with the use of technology.



Alternative Energy As A Road Map To a Better Living: How Lagos can leverage data to resolve its energy deficiency

In 2015, Nigeria signed the Paris Climate Agreement alongside most of the world. This was an indication that we recognised the need for a shift from dependence on fossil fuels to more sustainable energy sources. Today, not only does over 90 million Nigerians have no access to electricity, up to $14 billion is spent annually on generators. There is a massive deficit in the total energy generated and supplied; and inevitably a shortage in alternative energy sources available. This has deprived the economy of up to $29 billion annually (Source: IMF) and helped worsen the effects of environmental degradation and climate change. Technology has a big role to play in reducing this energy deficit and providing sustainable alternative energy sources. We have to leverage data to lead us to a future fueled by energy that's clean, sustainable, and accessible for all.



Urban Mobility: Using Data and Emerging Tech to Improve Future Mobility.

Lagos with a population of about 20 million people and >4 million vehicles is naturally prone to experience transportation problem. There is an exponential growth in the human population migrating into urban areas. This explosion is gradually rendering current transit models incompetent and unreliable. Traffic inefficiencies cost the Lagos economy hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Therefore, it is necessary to leverage advance technology such as smart technology, modern mobility, metro electrification and autonomy to address these challenges in the transportation sector.



Lagos, The Next Smart Agricultural Hub: How data interplays with technology to produce a food-sufficient Lagos

Lagos is heavily reliant on food import from other states and Covid-19 further highlights the risk of such dependencies. At the peak of the pandemic, despite restricted interstate movement, the State had to open its local borders to allow food trucks into the state; with the risk of bringing in infected individuals. However, a quick survey shows that about 47% of Lagosians want to be engaged in the agricultural value-chain but lack the required knowledge and information. There is then a need to commence the journey to make Lagos a smart agricultural hub, and this will be built on data that will both connect Lagosians to technical knowledge and investment.










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Federal Republic of Nigeria

He was an Adviser (legal advice and litigation) to the Attorney- General and Minister of Justice, Bola Ajibola from 1988-1992. He was also a member of Cabinet, Lagos State Ministry of Justice, and then he became the Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, from 1999 to 2007.

He obtained a Degree in Law from the University of Lagos in 1978. In 1979, he completed the mandatory one-year professional training at the Nigerian Law School whereon he was admitted to practice as a Barrister and Solicitor of Nigeria’s Supreme Court. In 1980, he attended the London School of Economics, where he obtained a Master of Laws degree.

Osinbajo began lecturing at the age of 23. In 1981, he was employed as a law lecturer at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. From 1983 to 1986, he was Senior lecturer of Law at the University of Lagos. In 2007, Osinbajo was made Senior Partner at Simmons Cooper Partners (Barristers and Solicitors), Nigeria. From 2007 to 2013 Osinbajo was once again employed as a Professor of Law, Department of Public Law, Faculty of Law, University of Lagos. He was also a Senior lecturer at the Lagos State University.

At AOT Lagos 2,0, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo will be setting the tone for Smart Data, Smarter Lagos.



Federal Republic of Nigeria

Dr. Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami studied Computer Science at Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University in Bauchi, Nigeria, gaining a BTech in 2003 and MSc in 2008, before obtaining a PhD from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland. He is also trained on Digital Transformation in Harvard University, USA, then Management Strategy in both MIT, and Institute of Management Development in Loussaune, Switzerland. He was also in Cambridge University for Management Programme.

Pantami lectured at Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University in Information Technology before joining the Islamic University of Madinah as Head of Technical Writing in 2014.

In 2016, he was appointed as the Director General/CEO of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA). He has received over 50 awards and recognitions both within and outside Nigeria.

Dr. Isa Ali Pantami is a fellow of both British Computer Society (FBCS) and Nigeria Computer Society (FNCS).

He authored more than a dozen books on ICT, STEM, technology, politics & community reconciliation, religion and peaceful coexistence, as well as over 20 publications in international journals. He is the current Honourable Minister of Communication Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Babajide Sanwo-Olu


Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu’s dream is to see a Lagos where everything becomes smart. A tech-lover, emotionally intelligent and a committed leader who is doggedly passionate about Greater Lagos.

A B.Sc and MBA graduate from the University of Lagos. He is also an alumnus of the John F. Kennedy School of Government,
the London Business School and the Lagos Business School. Before he became the governor, he was the Managing Director/CEO of Lagos State Property Development Corporation (LSPDC).

He is an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM) and fellow of the Nigeria Institute of Training and Development (NITAD).

He is a tech-lover, listening governor who is strongly committed to taking Lagos to a greater height.

Before governance, he was at United Bank for Africa as the Head of Foreign Money Market; and First City Monument Bank as a Deputy General Manager/ Divisional Head.

At AOTLagos 2.0, Mr. Governor will review the Smart Lagos journey, present the progress made so far to the stakeholders; while painting the renewed picture of the Smarter Lagos.

BOS is the 15th Executive Governor of Lagos State.

Michael Seibel

C.E.O Y-Combinator

Michael Seibel is the CEO and partner of Y Combinator, which provides seed funding for startups. He became a part-time partner at Y Combinator in January 2013, and joined Y Combinator as its first African-American partner in October 2014.

He was previously CEO and co-founder of Justin.tv the largest online community for people to broadcast, watch and interact around live video. In 2014 Justin.tv was renamed Twitch Interactive and later that year sold to Amazon for over $1 billion. He was CEO of Socialcam, a social video-sharing app that launched in March 2011 and sold to Autodesk for $60 million in 2012.

Prior to joining Justin.tv, Mr. Seibel was the Finance Director for former NAACP president, Kweisi Mfume’s U.S. Senate campaign.

Mr. Seibel holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Yale University, where he focused his studies on American government.

Ibukun Awosika

Chairman, Board of Directors, First Bank of Nigeria

Ibukun Awosika is the Chairman, Board of Directors, First Bank of Nigeria Limited, Nigeria’s premier and most valuable banking brand. She is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Chair Centre Group. The companies within the group include: The Chair Centre Limited, Sokoa Chair Centre Limited, Furniture Manufacturers Mart, TCC Security Systems and Cubes and Boxes Limited. These companies are involved in manufacturing, retail and bank-way security systems services.
Ibukun chairs a number of corporate and not-for-profit boards amongst which are: House of Tara International and Afterschool Graduate Development Centre (AGDC), a facility which she promoted to help address youth employability and enterprise issues in Nigeria. She sits on the boards of Digital Jewel Limited, Cadbury Nigeria Plc., Convention on Business Integrity (CBI) and the Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority. She was Chairman, FBN Life Assurance Limited, FBN Capital Limited and Kakawa Discount House Limited.
Ibukun is a graduate of Chemistry from University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University), Nigeria; an alumna of the Chief Executive Programme of Lagos Business School; the Global Executive MBA of IESE Business School, Barcelona-Spain; and Global CEO Programme of Wharton, IESE and China European International Business School (CEIBS).
With high interest in social issues, including women, Ibukun is a co-founder and past chairperson of Women in Business, Management and Public Service (WIMBIZ). An ordained Pastor and founder of the Christian Missionary Fund, Ibukun, through this faith-based organization works with hundreds of missionaries spread across Nigeria to change lives with the provision of medical, educational, and other supplies.
As a fellow of the African Leadership Initiative, Aspen Global Leadership Network, Institute of Directors and Society for Corporate Governance Nigeria, Ibukun, through her projects aspires to use her opportunities in life to further the greatness of her dear country by raising entrepreneurs to create jobs for the large unemployed youthful population. She is a member of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG), served on National Job Creation Committee (NJCC), and sits on the International Advisory Board of IESE Business School, Barcelona-Spain.
Ibukun is a multiple award-winning entrepreneur and the first Nigerian recipient of the prestigious International Women Entrepreneurial Challenge (IWEC) Award as a nominee of the US Department of State in 2008. She loves to watch investigative and legal series in her leisure time. She is happily married to Abiodun Awosika and they are blessed with three wonderful sons.

Lisa Da Silva

Principal Investment Officer, IFC

Lisa Da Silva is a development finance specialist with experience leading initiatives and transactions across a broad range of practices including cities, climate, blended finance and financial institutions.

She is an innovative thinker who excels in frontier environments and succeeds by convening and collaborating across stakeholders to find creative solutions to conquer challenging problems.

Ms. Lisa holds an MBA in Finance and International Business from York University.

Tomi Davies


Systems Analyst turned Tech Strategy Advisor, Public Speaker and Angel Investor, Harry ‘Tomi Davies (TD) is Collaborator-in-Chief at TechnoVision, co-founder of the Lagos Angel Network (LAN) and President of the African Business Angel Network (ABAN).  

For nearly two decades after graduating from the University of Miami TD led implementation of innovative technology-led transformation initiatives in the Oil & Gas, Retail, Information Technology and Telecommunications industries for influential global brands Elf Aquitaine, Marks & Spencer, Ernst & Young and Sapient across Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia. 

In 2000 his focus shifted to Africa where he helped create the African Agriculture Technology Foundation (AATF), led the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) initiative in Nigeria and delivered a World Bank pilot of the Integrated Payroll and Personnel information system (IPPIS) that uncovered over 20,000 ghost workers in the Nigerian Government payroll system. Leading these kinds of innovative initiatives in Africa using his goal-oriented approach to project delivery which consistently delivered effective results inspired his 2014 book “The African Project Manager”.

TD is Chairman of TextNigeria (Telecoms) and Non-Executive Director at MBO Capital (Private Equity) and Big Cabal Media (Media & Entertainment). He is a member of the Lagos State Science, Research & Innovation Council (LASRIC) and sits on the board of Laptops4Learning (L4L) Nigeria, the World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF) and the Global Business Angels Network (GBAN). 

As a thought leader with increasing knowledge gained from nurturing entrepreneurs in a growing portfolio of tech-enabled early stage business ventures originating from Africa, TD’s personal mission is “to help drive Africa’s development by supporting young entrepreneurs using innovation and technology to create social impact and economic value.”

TD can be reached at www.tomidavies.com and on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as TomiDee

Obafemi Hamzat


Femi Hamzat is the Deputy Governor of Lagos State,
Nigeria. He was formerly the Commissioner for Ministry of
Science & Technology; Commissioner for Works and
Infrastructure, and Special Adviser on Works to the
Honourable Minister for Works, Power and Housing.
He graduated from the University of Ibadan with a degree
in Agricultural Engineering in and a Master’s in Agricultural
Engineering. In 1992, he had his PhD in System Process
Engineering at Cranefield University, England.
Before his career as a public officer, he worked at RTP
Consulting Services, Columbia University, Merrill
Lynch Inc, Morgan Stanley and Oando Plc. In Oando Plc, he
served as the Chief Information Officer and Group Head IT

Hakeem Fahm

Hon. Comm for Science and Tech

Mr. Hakeem Popoola Fahm currently serves as Honourable Commissioner of Science and Technology, Lagos State.

He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Technology from Ohio University, Athens Ohio as well as Master in Business Administration in Computer Information and Systems Science from the University of the District of Columbia (UDC), Washington DC. His wealth of experience cuts across different fields in IT.

He started as a Computer Lab Technician and rose through the ranks to become the Chief Information Officer of the University in 2012. He led the ICT transformation at the University by building and implementing innovative solutions that includes IBM Enterprise Systems Architecture, upgrading System Network Architecture to TCP/IP based platform, Blackboard for Digital Learning, Internet2 for cutting edge applications and a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that integrates all disparate systems into a single platform.

In May 2013, he moved to Accenture Federal Services, a management and I.T. consulting firm as a Cloud Computing Architect. During his tenure at Accenture, he managed the operational modernization for the US Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Air Force, Department of Health and Human Services(Obama Care) and the Social Security Administration.

In January 10, 2018, Mr. Hakeem Fahm was appointed as Honourable Commissioner of Science and Technology, Lagos State, the position he occupied until May 28, 2019.

His passion for technology has earned him several accolades and certifications. Hakeem is married to Muftiat Fahm with three sons and one daughter.

Olatunbosun Alake

Mr. Olatunbosun Alake is an Information Technology & Business Management executive with about 10 years of experience. He has functioned in different spaces including Product Management, Business Intelligence, Application Development & Business Development across Telecoms, Media & Entertainment industries.

Beginning his career as a technology consultant in Philadelphia, U.S.A, Mr. Alake managed technology related issues for clients across the hardware and software spectrum. His transition to Nigeria saw him take up a position as Technical Learning & Development Specialist at IPNX Telecoms Nigeria Ltd. where he deployed and managed technical and generic organizational learning programs that contributed to significant improvements in organizational productivity.

He subsequently worked in various functional and leadership positions at IPNX where he was the Head of the Business Intelligence Unit tasked with developing and managing the Business Intelligence Architecture.

Olatunbosun is an avid problem solver with a keen eye for identifying problems and gaps and proffering solutions that deliver value for consumers.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer & Information Science from Temple University in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, U.S.A. He also possesses a Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in General Management.

He is also an alumni of Harvard Kennedy School where he complete various courses including Certificate in Decision Science and Choice Architecture, Organizational Management, Leadership & Management for Executives, Managerial Finance, etc.

John Obaro

– CEO , SystemSpec

Having enjoyed a successful career with International Merchant Bank (IMB), John Obaro founded SystemSpecs about three decades ago as a West African Partner to Systems Union, UK, offering the SunSystems suite of solutions.

John Obaro is a distinguished alumnus of Ahmadu Bello University, University of Lagos, and the Chief Executive Program (CEP3) of Lagos Business School. He has served at various times on the Boards of the Ministerial Advisory Council on Information and Communication Technology, Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria, Computer Professionals Registration Council of Nigeria (CPN), Governing Council of the National ICT Incubation Program (iDea), and many more.

He is a fellow of the Centre for African Policy Development and Research, Glasgow, Scotland; a fellow of Nigeria Computer Society (NCS); an ex-member of the Governing Council of Computer Professionals (Registration Council) of Nigeria (CPN and a fellow and past 1st vice president of the Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria (ISPON).

John Obaro was recognised as FATE Foundation’s Model Entrepreneur of the Year 2018, named in 2017 by BusinessDay newspaper among 50 Most Influential Nigerians, and has repeatedly been honoured as the ICT Personality of the Year by several reputable industry platforms – in addition to other numerous indigenous and international awards he has received over the years.

John Obaro’s successful entrepreneurial adventure in software development architecture has attracted and continues to attract attention from both local and international quarters.

John Obaro is known in many circles as ‘The Consummate Innovator’. He is a trailblazer on many fronts, and indeed his footprint is evident across many sectors of the Nigerian economy

Bayo (Olubayo) Adekanmbi

Founder, Data Science Nigeria

Olubayo is an award-winning business executive with track record of superior performance in conceptualizing and implementing business/commercial/analytical strategy with commendable managerial ability to motivate his team for success. He has broad-based experience in multinational commercial strategy and advanced level analytics.
He combines 19 years of cognate industry experience in Strategy, Marketing and Analytics from two largest economies in Africa (Nigeria &South Africa)

He is a hands-on Data scientist, actively participating in global data science projects on Kaggle.com and currently ranks No 1 on the Data Science Dojo project. He has a patent on final approval in the USA for a Data Science product on Social Pricing Recommender Software for low income prepaid telecommunication users using uncalled-called numbers modelling.

He graduated with Distinction from the University of Reading postgraduate school, United Kingdom, and has also had both full-time and executive education in many other leading institutions, including Columbia Business School, New York; The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Chicago; INSEAD Business School, France; Telecoms Training Institute, London; ETH Zurich, Switzerland; and Gatton College of Business at the University of Kentucky, Kentucky.

He was on PhD research sabbatical (June 2015- Sept 2016) from his role as the CMO at MTN Telecommunication Nigeria, where he has also been awarded with the prestigious MTN Yello Star award for the conceptualisation of a Customer Value/Risk Management framework, which led to multi-billion naira revenue growth.

Post-sabbatical, Bayo is back at MTN Nigeria as the Chief Transformation Officer, driving a holistic programme aimed to accelerate business performance, innovations and advanced analytics.
He is the convener of Data Science Nigeria non-profit, Author of “The Future is Shared” and Artificial Intelligence for Starters.


Executive Director, IT & Operations, Access Bank

Globally focused Financial Services Executive with over 25 years of experience and achievements in Banking, Insurance and Capital Markets. Management of large, diverse global teams driving innovative technologies, product development, business and market transformation to deliver growth, service excellence, business transformation, profitability and income diversification.

Specialties: Business Architecture and Strategy, Technology Strategy, Market Transformation, Programme Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Operational Management and Governance, Enterprise Architecture, Mergers and Acquisitions, Service Delivery, Software Development, Information Security and Business Continuity.

Sectors: Business Banking (SME), Corporate Banking, Retail Banking, Derivatives Clearing, Metals and Agri Derivatives and Commodities, Private/Wealth Management, Insurance and Pensions, Electronic Banking, Exchange Products (Equities, Fixed Income, ETFs and Derivatives), Cloud and Hosting Services, Market Data

Tayo Oviosu

Founder & Group CEO, Paga

Tayo is the founder & Group CEO of Paga (paga.com). Paga is a mobile payment company, building an ecosystem to enable people digitally send and receive money as well as creating simple financial access for everyone. Paga is the leading mobile money service in Nigeria, its first market.

Prior to Paga, Tayo was Vice-President at Travant Capital Partners, a private equity fund in West Africa. Prior to joining Travant, Tayo was a Manager, Corporate Development, at Cisco Systems in San Jose California.

Tayo’s work at Paga has been recognized globally – in 2014 CNBC selected Tayo as the Entrepreneur of the Year West Africa, and in 2015 the African Leadership Network selected Paga as the outstanding growing company of the year in Africa. Tayo is an Endeavor Entrepreneur and a member of the Young Presidents Organization.

Tayo has a passion to help entrepreneurs bring ideas to life and build scalable businesses. He is an active angel investor and a co-founder of Kairos Angels, an angel investment club.

Tayo earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, cum laude, from the University of Southern California and also has a Masters in Business Administration from the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University.

Tope Aladenusi

Head, Cyber Risk Services, Deloitte West Africa.

Toyin Emmanuel-Olabake is Associate Director of Portfolio for Acumen West Africa, responsible for driving their investment strategy in the region. Most recently, Olúwatóyìn served as Vice President of Investment for Sahel Capital Agribusiness Managers, a Nigeria-based, agriculture-focused private equity fund manager, where he was responsible for managing pipeline, investment and exit processes. He also provided support on portfolio value creation, investor relations and the firm’s strategy formulation.

Prior to Sahel, he was Assistant Vice President of Investment Banking with Afrinvest West Africa, a Nigeria-based boutique investment bank where he led several transactions spanning advisory, mergers & acquisitions, project finance and capital markets in a variety of sectors over an 8 year period. He started his career in financial services in the United Kingdom upon graduation from university in 2004, first with Domestic and General Insurance after which he worked with Barclaycard and then London-Scottish Bank before returning to Nigeria and joining Afrinvest.

He holds a bachelor’s degree (with honors) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nottingham

Oluwatoyin Emmanuel-Olubake is an investment professional with over 14 years investing and advising in growth markets with experience in Impact Investing, Venture Capital & Private Equity, M&A, Financial advisory, Project Finance, Debt Capital Markets, Consumer Finance and Debt Management.

Sectors include Agribusiness, Renewable Energy, Financial Services, Consumer Goods, Logistics, Technology, Media & Telecoms, Infrastructure (Transportation, Oil & Gas and Power) and Manufacturing. He’s an Associate Director of Portfolio at Acumen and educated at University of Nottingham and FTC Kaplan, Manchester.

Sam Egube

Honourable Commissioner for Economic Planning and Budget, LASG

Andrew NevinMr. Samuel Egube, a fellow of the Institute of Credit Administration (FCIA), Member, Nigerian Institute of Management (AMNIN), Member, Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN), and Honorary Senior member Chartered Institute of Bankers; was born on 5th March, 1969.

He attended the University of Benin where he obtained a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) Degree with a second class upper in 1989, while he has an MBA from the prestigious International School of Management, University of Navarra, Barcelona. He has significant experience in various sectors of the economy, which includes Banking and Finance, Business Consulting, Engineering, Strategy, Financial Management and Operations optimization. These experiences were acquired in very strong institutions such as Arthur Andersen and Company (now KPMG professionals in Nigeria), United Bank for Africa Plc.; NNB International Bank, First Bank of Nigeria and Diamond Bank Plc where he served as Corporate Banking Director and Head of Directorate, Corporate Banking.

He was also an Angel Investor and Adviser on the Expert in Residence program of the Entrepreneur Development Centre (EDC) of the Pan Atlantic University, Chief Executive Officer at Harbour Point Partners Limited- a Business Consulting and
Financial Advisory Firm with a Vision for sub-Saharan Africa, and Director at Sovereign Trust Insurance Plc.

Mr. Samuel Avwerosuo Egube, hails from Uwheru, Ughelli in Delta State and was found competent to join the cabinet of Governor Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu when he was appointed and sworn in as Honourable Commissioner, Economic Planning and Budget on August 20, 2019. At his leisure, he loves swimming, karate, table tennis and counselling

Inuwai Kashifu Abdullah

Director General, National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA)

Inuwa Kashifu Abdullahi is a Nigerian Technology expert and the Director General of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA)

He has over fourteen years of working experience in Information Technology operations, business transformation and solution architecture, across both private and public sectors.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Information systems from Nelson Mandela University and was Massachusetts Institute of Technology trained as MIT Sloan Strategist.

Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli

Co-Founder AACE Food Processing & Distribution

Ndidi Nwuneli is the Founder of LEAP Africa, Co-Founder of AACE Food Processing & Distribution, an indigenous agroprocessing company and the managing partner at Sahel Consulting which is focused on the agribusiness and nutrition landscapes in Africa. She has 23 years of experience in international development and has led a range of initiatives across West Africa.

Ndidi started her career as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company, working in their Chicago, New York and Johannesburg Offices. She returned to Nigeria to serve as the pioneer executive director of the FATE Foundation, a leading entrepreneurship development organization in 2000. She established LEAP Africa and NIA in 2002 and 2003 respectively.

Ndidi holds an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and an undergraduate degree with honors in Multinational and Strategic Management from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Ndidi was recognized as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and received a National Honor – Member of the Federal Republic from the Nigerian Government. Ndidi was a 2018 Aspen New Voices Fellow and a Senior Fellow at the MRCBG Harvard Kennedy School. She serves on numerous local and international boards including the Rockefeller Foundation, AGRA, Nigerian Breweries Plc, Godrej Consumer Products India, Fairfax Africa Holdings Canada, DSM Sustainability Board, the African Philanthropy Forum, AACE Foods, LEAP Africa, and the Centre for Memories.

Ndidi is the author of Social Innovation in Africa, a practical guide to scaling impact published by Routledge in July 2016, She is also the author of Working for God in the Marketplace. She is currently a fellow at the MRCBG Harvard Kennedy School where she is working on a new book – “Entrepreneurs Nourishing Africa’s 2.4 Billion: Leveraging Innovation & Technology to Leapfrog.



Awe served as a Payment Solution architect at Access Bank, leading the Channels Solution Delivery Group. He has spent the better part of the last 15 years innovating and creating cutting edge e-Payment platforms in the financial sector. Awe spent over a decade at Diamond Bank and was an integral part of the team that led the bank’s Digital Banking transformation. He led the architecting and delivery of Diamond Bank’s transition from a multichannel platform to the first Omnichannel Platform in the country.

Awe is equipped with a wealth of experience around leadership, management, strategy, CX transformation, design thinking, solution architecture, enterprise capability, and a unique forte to identify and nurture innovative opportunities.

Mark Essien

CEO, Hotels.ng

Mark is the founder of the biggest online hotel booking agency in Nigeria. Hotels.ng is the first company to make online hotel booking in Nigeria possible at scale and signed on over 13,000 hotels to the platform, and do billions in bookings annually.

He is the Co-founder of HNG Internship, a large scale, remote internship to train software developers in Nigeria. Thousands of coders are taken through a competitive internship process, and the finalists are placed in jobs.

He is a board member of Lagos State Science Research And Innovation Council and also a Committee Member of Nigerian Federal Government Advisory Group on Technology and Creativity.

Tomiwa Aladekomo

- MD, Big Cabal Media

Tomiwa Aladekomo is an experienced technology, media and marketing executive. He is the CEO of Big Cabal Media, which creates compelling content for African youth and is building the next generation of Africa’s media brands.

Aladekomo led the team that transformed the Guardian Nigeria into a top-notch digital media operation. He has worked in senior roles, leading digital for Heineken Nigeria and heading one of West Africa’s top digital agencies.

Over the years, Aladekomo has worked extensively across media and marketing in North America, notably for Atlantic Records and The Futures Company, where he worked on global strategy briefs for brands like Coca-Cola and Unilever.

He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Boston University and a Master of the Arts degree in Anthropology from Columbia University, New York. He is also a fellow of the prestigious Archbishop Tutu Leadership Fellowship, run by the African Leadership Institute.

Currently, the new Chams Non-Executive Director serves on the boards of ChamsSwitch Limited, SmartCity Resorts Plc and Volunteer Corps Nigeria.

Nkemdilim Begho

Managing Director of Future Software Resources Limited

Nkemdilim Begho is founder and Managing Di­rector of Future Software Resources Limited, an IT solutions provider focused on online solutions, e-learning and IT security. As one of a few Nigerian women in the industry, her success is founded on a passion for driving innovative thinking, building a globally recognized technology brand and setting trends in the Nigerian Technology space.

Respected and recognized as a leader in her industry, Nkem is regularly featured in newspaper and magazine publications and as an expert speaker on ICT in Africa.

She’s a recipient of many awards including the Jim Ovia Prize for Software Excel­lence, and the Etisalat Prize for Innovation.

Nkemdilim is recognized as an Obama African Leader, Forbes’s Top Ten Female Tech Founders in Africa, Global Digital Women top 10 Most Inspiring Women in Africa, Lionesses of Africa top 100 Women and Ventures Africa 42 most Innovative Africans.

As Committee Chair, Funding Framework for the Nigerian Technology Sector, NESG IT group; member of The Nigerian National IT Software Committee and; the Nigerian Electronic Voting Think Tank she actively
contributes to advancement of digitalization and shaping policy to support its inclusive delivery.

She regularly volunteers for mentoring and empowerment programmes often sharing her experiences with young Nigerians and less privileged children

Tosin Faniro-Dada

Head, Startups (Lagos Innovates)

Tosin Faniro-Dada is responsible for developing and implementing Government led programs that provide an enabling environment for tech startups to thrive in Lagos State and, sourcing for local and international partnerships to promote and increase funding for the programs. Through Lagos Innovates, startups have access to infrastructure, talent, network, Government ministries/agencies, etc. Tosin has over a decade of professional experience spanning several roles including Assurance, Investment Management, Project Management, Corporate Banking, Strategy and Partnerships.

Prior to Lagos Innovates, Tosin joined LSETF as the Head of Strategy & Partnerships. She also worked in the Corporate Banking division at Polaris Bank (formerly Skye bank) managing Oil & Gas upstream clients, and leading exploratory transactions.

Tosin started her career in PwC’s Boston office in 2007 where she audited mutual and private equity partnership funds. She moved to Nigeria in 2010 and worked as a Financial Analyst in ARM’s Hospitality and Retail Fund where she evaluated investment opportunities and managed the Funds existing assets and greenfield developments.

Tosin has an MSc. in Accounting from Boston College and, a BSc. from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

Fara Ashiru Jituboh

Co-Founder & CEO/CTO, Okra

Fara Ashiru Jituboh is a Co-Founder and CEO / CTO of Okra, Inc — focused on building the infrastructure to allow Africans connect their bank accounts to 3rd party applications to enable the acceleration of financial innovation in Africa through data. Prior to founding Okra in 2019, Fara gained experience building and scaling products in emerging markets and venture backed startups by working with organizations such as Canva, Techhustle, Sana Benefits, and Dorsata.

Fara also served as a Co-Founder and CTO of Shixels Studios where she led the design and development of core technology for multiple clients including Airtel, AXA Mansard, RenMoney, MTech, Sanofi Pharmaceuticals and Nestoil. With expertise in over 20 programming languages, Fara has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies and began her professional career with BMW, leading the effort in the design and creation of the interactive map for the BMW Museum. She has also worked with JP Morgan Chase, Fidelity Investments and Daimler Mercedes Benz. She holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Nnamdi Azodo

Head of Products, ALAT by Wema.

Nnamdi Azodo is the Head of Product at ALAT by Wema Bank, Africa’s first mobile only bank

As Product Manager, he is a custodian of the product vision.

Nnamdi is interested in Fintech, Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Data Analysis, The Future of Work, Technology, Finance, Banking, Startups, Entrepreneurship and Leadership as well as Personal Development.


Babs Ogundeyi

CEO & Co-founder, Kuda Bank

Babs is the CEO and co-founder of Kuda Microfinance Bank, a digital-only bank with a mission to make banking more accessible, affordable and rewarding.
He has strong expertise in the financial services sector, having previously spent years auditing and advising some of Africa’s biggest banks as an Engagement Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

A one-time Special Adviser on Finance to the Governor of Oyo State in Nigerian, Babs used his considerable private sector knowledge to raise the largest infrastructural bond in the state’s history.
He has also founded two other companies including Motortrader, the first classified car magazine in Nigeria, which he sold to a major newspaper.

Kuda is a full-service, digital-only bank with a mission to make banking more accessible and affordable for every African on the planet.
Kuda has offices in London and Lagos, Nigeria where it operates as Kuda Microfinance with a banking license issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

The bank provides full banking services through its apps for Android phones, iPhones and the web, allowing everyday Nigerians with internet access to run a spending account, save money automatically and annual interest without the burden of traditional bank charges – card maintenance fees, account maintenance fees and excessive transfer fees. Kuda recently released it’s first credit product, enabling customers to have access to instant credit via the Kuda app.

Kuda also provides its customers with free debit cards which are delivered at no cost, differentiating it from digital wallets.
In 2020, Kuda launched a COVID-19 fund to provide relief to vulnerable groups in Lagos, a city of over 20 million people.

Adaeze Ogakwu

Co-founder, Aku

Adaeze is the co-founder of Aku. Aku is a technology company enabling access to digital financial services for Africa and the rest of the world. Aku’s mission is to accelerate financial inclusion and economic development in Africa one mobile device at a time.

She has an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Adetayo Bamiduro

Co-founder & CEO, Max.ng

Adetayo Bamiduro is the Co-founder and CEO of MAX.ng, a pioneering mobility company focused on sub-Saharan Africa. 
MAX.ng is building mobility, financial services and EV infrastructure for Africa’s $100B transportation industry; MAX closed a $7.5m round in 2019, and is backed by elite global investors and corporations such as Yamaha, Mastercard, Novastar Ventures and Breakthrough Ventures, representing the largest fundraise by a mobility company in sub-Saharan Africa.
Previously, Adetayo worked as a software engineer and management consultant at PwC, Dalberg and Shell-operated Natural Gas Company in Nigeria. Adetayo has been awarded the Alibaba eFounders Fellowship, MIT Legatum Fellowships, and the World Economic Forum’s Inclusive Growth Award. Adetayo holds an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and London Business School.
About MAX
MAX is a leading technology-enabled mobility and last-mile delivery company in West Africa with operations in Southwestern and Northern Nigeria. Since launching in 2015, MAX has completed over 2 million trips, served 400,000+ users and scaled into 4 cities in Nigeria. MAX has on-boarded over 2,000 drivers onto its platform and is on track to grow to more than 5,000 drivers in 2020. MAX is backed by highly credible global investors including Novastar Ventures, Yamaha, Mastercard, Goodwell Investments, Alitheia Capital, Techstars and Breakthrough Energy Ventures.


Honourable Commissioner for Finance, Lagos State Government

Dr. Rabiu Onaolapo Olowo is the Chairman of the Governing Board of the Lagos State Public Procurement Agency (PPA) and Honourable Commissioner for Finance in Lagos State. Dr. Olowo is a Chartered Accountant, a Certified Fraud Examiner, Internal Controls Auditor and an Associate Chartered Management Consultant.

He attended the Kogi State University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting with a 2nd Class Upper division in 2006. For his post graduate studies, he attended the University of Lagos, Akoka where he was awarded a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Accounting in 2012.

In his quest for more knowledge, he also attended the American University of Nigeria, Yola where he studied Doctoral Research Techniques and Methods in 2017 and in 2019, he attended the Charisma University, British West Indies, TCI for his PhD in Forensic Accounting and Auditing.

Dr Rabiu Onaolapo Olowo hails from Lagos Mainland of the State. At his leisure time, he loves travelling, playing table tennis and yoga (simple meditation).

Bunmi Akinyemiju

CEO, Venture Garden Group

Bunmi Akinyemiju is the CEO and Co-Founder of Venture Garden Group and Founding Partner, GreenHouse Capital. He has over 23years experience as an entrepreneur, leader, and Venture Capital investor in innovative technology
companies across the globe. Prior to founding VGG, he was the CEO of Enliven Software, USA.
Through GreenHouse Capital, he has invested in over 25 innovative technology companies in Africa, including Flutterwave, Wallets Africa, Helium Health, and Rensource.
Driven by his passion for nation building, Bunmi currently serves as Head of the Digital Economy Policy Commission at the Nigerian Economic Summit Group, where he helps to shape the Nigerian technology landscape through policy advocacy and effective collaboration.
In 2017, Bunmi was nominated as one of the top 100 Most Influential People of African Descent in Business and Entrepreneurship by the United Nations.
In 2018, he received the Trailblazer Award at the Nigerian American Multicultural Council. VGG was also recognized for its support to the Federal Government in digitizing National Social Investment intervention delivery
and technologies that solve socio economic challenges in Nigeria. Bunmi holds a degree in Computer Engineering from Michigan State

Adia Sowho


Adia Sowho is currently the Managing Director of Mines Nigeria and VP of Growth Mines.io. She is responsible for revenue and growth in the instant credit artificial intelligence technology company on a global basis and responsible for business operations in its pilot market, Nigeria. Previously she was at Etisalat (now 9mobile) Nigeria where was Director of Digital Business, Head of Digital Media as well as Head of Strategy and Business Development at different times. Before this she’d been a consultant at Deloitte in Chicago and a Radio Frequency Engineer at US Cellular. She has a BEng in Electronic Engineering from the University of Sheffield and an MBA from Kellogg School of Management.

Solape Hammond

SA Governor on SDG

Solape Hammond is the Special Adviser on the Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs) and Investments to the Governor of Lagos State. She has over 20 years’ experience in Management Consulting, Risk Management, Banking and Financial Advisory. She is a Co-founder and CEO of Impact Hub Lagos, an innovation hub for entrepreneurs, providing work space, offices, consulting services and capacity building programs.

Solape has previously worked at Accenture, Merchant Bank and served as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a financial advisory firm based in Lagos with clients across Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia and other parts of Africa. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the University of Ibadan and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree from INSEAD. She is passionate about social change and has sat on the Board or Advisory Councils of various organizations in and outside the country. She is currently a member of the boards of the Lagos State Science Research and Innovation Council and the Lagos State Sports Trust Fund.

Maya Horgan Famodu

Founder, Ingressive Capital

Maya Horgan Famodu is Founder & MD at Ingressive Capital, a $10 Million VC Fund I and $50 Million Fund II targeting early stage startups across Sub-Saharan Africa’s key tech markets. Ingressive Capital Fund I has seeded some of Africa’s fastest-growing businesses, including Paystack (sold for $200M+ to Stripe); 54gene (backed by Adjuvant, IFC fund, closed Series B); Mono (Series A and Y Combinator alumn); Carry1st (Series A led by Riot Games, Konvoy & AET). ~40% of portfolio companies are female founded and 35% of companies are Y Combinator alumni. Maya and her team are building a pipeline from the time a student thinks “I want to be in tech” all the way to the time they IPO.

As such, she co-founded Ingressive for Good, a 501(c)3 nonprofit focused on cultivating technical talent and resources for the African startup ecosystems; and founded Ingressive Advisory, a market entry / market operations firm that has assisted more than 50 international companies to enter and operate across Africa, and they’ve done a collective 60+ deals on the continent. Many of these clients became investors in her fund, which has led to 80% of Ingressive Capital’s limited partners running their own later stage fund, and providing companies with access to international capital. She is a two-time Forbes 30 under 30 awardee (Africa ‘18 and VC ‘20), United Nation’s Most Influential Person of African Descent, Kauffman Fellow, and worked previously in private equity research and at JPMorgan after completing Cornell Prelaw Program and attending Pomona College.

Uzoma Uwagba


Uzoma Nwagba is the Chief Operating Officer of the Growth
Platform. He is passionate about building systems that drive largescale impact through the intersection of technology and finance. Uzoma worked as an Analyst at Goldman Sachs, and an Engineering Product Manager at Microsoft where he received a Gold Star Award, a high honour at the company, for designing mobile technology products focused on emerging markets. He returned to Nigeria to a career in private equity at African Capital Alliance, driving
investments in financial services.

Uzoma sits on the boards of a few Nigerian technology ventures, including Retailar, a company delivering efficient inventory access to retail MSMEs. He holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Akin Jones

Co-founder/CEO, Aella App

Akin Jones is the Co-founder and CEO of Aella App. Prior to this Akin held key investment banking roles in Africa & North America. Working with Technology/M&A Investment Banking Teams at Primera Africa, Wachovia Securities, BGL Investment Bank, SunTrust Robinson Humphrey, and UBS. Akin graduated with a degree in International Business & Finance from Howard University and is one of a very few individuals that have completed three of the leading Technology accelerator programs, Y Combinator, 500 Startups, and the Barclays Rise Accelerator.

Ada Nduka Oyom

- Founder of She Code Africa

Toyin Emmanuel-Olabake is Associate Director of Portfolio for Acumen West Africa, responsible for driving their investment strategy in the region. Most recently, Olúwatóyìn served as Vice President of Investment for Sahel Capital Agribusiness Managers, a Nigeria-based, agriculture-focused private equity fund manager, where he was responsible for managing pipeline, investment and exit processes. He also provided support on portfolio value creation, investor relations and the firm’s strategy formulation.

Prior to Sahel, he was Assistant Vice President of Investment Banking with Afrinvest West Africa, a Nigeria-based boutique investment bank where he led several transactions spanning advisory, mergers & acquisitions, project finance and capital markets in a variety of sectors over an 8 year period. He started his career in financial services in the United Kingdom upon graduation from university in 2004, first with Domestic and General Insurance after which he worked with Barclaycard and then London-Scottish Bank before returning to Nigeria and joining Afrinvest.

He holds a bachelor’s degree (with honors) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nottingham

Oluwatoyin Emmanuel-Olubake is an investment professional with over 14 years investing and advising in growth markets with experience in Impact Investing, Venture Capital & Private Equity, M&A, Financial advisory, Project Finance, Debt Capital Markets, Consumer Finance and Debt Management.

Sectors include Agribusiness, Renewable Energy, Financial Services, Consumer Goods, Logistics, Technology, Media & Telecoms, Infrastructure (Transportation, Oil & Gas and Power) and Manufacturing. He’s an Associate Director of Portfolio at Acumen and educated at University of Nottingham and FTC Kaplan, Manchester.

Iyionluwa Aboyeji

General Partner & Co-Founder, Future Africa

Iyinoluwa Aboyeji is the General Partner and Co-founder of Future Africa, a platform that provides capital, coaching and community for mission-driven innovators building an African Future where purpose and prosperity is within everyone’s reach.

Prior to co-founding Future Africa, he served as the Deputy Director-General for the Madam Oby Ezekwesili 2019 Presidential Campaign. He also helped to build Andela and Flutterwave, two of Africa’s largest and fastest-growing technology companies backed by global investors.

Iyinoluwa, more popularly known as “E”, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies from the University of Waterloo and is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. He also sits on the board of a number of corporate and non-profit organizations and advises a number of national and sub-national governments across Africa on how to support high growth innovation-driven enterprises in their domains.

Karika Yonreme

Social Impact and Sustainability Expert

Karika Yonreme is a Social Impact and Sustainability Expert. She has leveraged her wealth of experience in Engineering, Technology, and Development to drive social change for inclusive human growth in Africa through programs and products in areas of education, data management, and finance. She is the Vice President, Social Impact Programs at a leading technology company in Africa.

Prior to her work in the Tech Industry, she led commercial and business operations in the Oil and Gas industry. She utilized her skillset in Stakeholder management, business planning, project management, and leadership to manage projects across Africa, The Middle East, Europe, and South America, as well as one of the biggest Oil and Gas projects in Africa worth over $10 Billion.

An advocate of professional development and women empowerment, she has translated her desire to see more women in the corridors of power by partnering with executives, entrepreneurs and professionals to grow their personal brands, and enhance their visibility.

In addition, she has educated over 10,000 female entrepreneurs and professionals in areas of personal branding and networking. The results have been their Personal development, business visibility, and career acceleration.

Furthermore, she leads the leadership development at an academy and has curated programs and curriculums that have empowered over 5000 female professionals and entrepreneurs globally.

Karika is a business leader that is contributing to the socio-economic development of Africans through social impact programs and technology

Adedoyin Odunfa

CEO, Digital Jewels, Nigeria

Adedoyin is an African Business Leader and Tech-preneur with almost 30 years professional practice, focused on enhancing the strategic value of IT in organizations through value-adding interventions across the information value chain. She has led industry initiatives to strengthen and enhance IT Governance, Risk and Compliance processes, practices and skill sets to significantly impact business and institutional performance.

Adedoyin is the founder and Group MD/CEO of Digital Jewels Ltd (DJL), a leading IT GRC consulting and Capacity Building Firm with branches in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Rwanda alongside a footprint in 9 African countries and an enviable track record of consistent high value delivery.

Adedoyin has deep business and subject-matter expertise and holds a myriad of global certifications— some of which include the: Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT), Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified COBIT 5 Implementer and Assessor.

As an erudite speaker, trainer and GRC expert, Adedoyin has championed several industry wide initiatives. She has occupied notable African and global platforms, providing subject matter expertise, moderating panels and giving keynotes. She has also designed and facilitated numerous training programs, led a number of impactful research initiatives and presented at international conferences.

Adedoyin sits on a number of Boards and was recently listed among the top 20 FINTECH Women in Nigeria (2019) and Top 50 Women in Cybersecurity in Africa (2020). She is happily married with lovely children

Oyaje Idoko

Founder/CEO of Layer3.

Oyaje Idoko has served as Chief Executive Officer of Layer3, a company which he founded, since July 2005 when the company started operations. A telecommunication and IT veteran with over thirteen years experience, Oyaje, along with his team, has successfully navigated the company from a start-up of just him and 2 other junior level employees, to growth and profitability over the years.

Under his leadership, Layer3 has grown to be one of the leading network solutions provider in West Africa including being the most certified partner of Juniper Networks in Africa.

Prior to Layer3, he was part of the team responsible for starting two telecommunication companies in Nigeria and held high level management positions in those companies. He led the team that designed and built the first 3.5 GHz FWA WIMAX network in Nigeria as the Head of Engineering in Startech Connections. He has also served as a World Bank Consultant on telecommunications.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications Engineering from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri and trained in companies such as L3 Communications, Verizon, Lucent Technologies and Microsoft. He was listed in the 2008 edition of the International Who’s Who of Professionals. He is also the Founder of Web Indices, a web solutions company.

Layer3, under his leadership, won the award of being one of the 50 fastest growing and most dynamic companies in Nigeria by the Tony Elumelu Foundation and AllWorld Network (US).

Doja Ekeruche

Advisory Board Member, Eko Innovation Centre

Doja Ekeruche is a strategic revenue-driving marketing and business expert with proven track record of enhancing consumer experience, operational efficiency, and ultimately profitability of businesses across multiple countries in Africa, Asia and Europe.

She has spent the last 2 decades devising and delivering complex business strategies for large global brands, leading her teams to translate these into engaging integrated marketing programmes and the flawless execution to deliver strong results.

Her expertise include product innovation within the FMCG industry, renovation of existing ones to enhance value propositions while generating accelerated demand. With an MBA from the University of Manchester, Doja has worked in Ghana, Philippines, Switzerland, South Africa and of course her home country Nigeria.

Teju Abisoye

Teju Abisoye is the Executive Secretary of Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF), where she leads a team to deliver on programmes targeted at tackling unemployment in Lagos State by providing financing and leverage for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs); skills development for youths; and promote technology-driven innovations in enterprises. 

Teju is a lawyer with over 15 years of experience across various fields which include: development finance, project planning and execution, monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian projects, government interventions and investment opportunities.

She is an Alumnae of Yale’s Women Leadership Programme, has an LLM in International Trade and Investment Law from the University of Pretoria and LL. B from the University of Ibadan. She is a 2021 Amujae Leader, a flagship programme by the Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (EJS) Centre in Liberia.

Teju is committed to the development of MSMEs as the engine of growth in African Economies.

Bosun Tijani

CEO & Co-Founder, Co-creation Hub (CcHub)

Bosun Tijani is the co-founder and Chief Executive of Co-Creation Hub (CcHUB); a pan-Africa innovation enabler that works at the forefront of accelerating the application of innovation and social capital for a better society. ‘Bosun is an innovation expert on a mission to drive the application of science and technology for enterprise and economic prosperity across Africa. He has been celebrated as the leader and initiator of the Yaba Technology Cluster.

‘Bosun is passionate about creating and leading platforms that have provided aspiring innovators the visibility and credibility they need to prototype, build and scale digital innovations across Africa. This has been acknowledged locally and globally with accolades including his inclusion in the list of 100 Most Influential People on the continent by New Africa Magazine. Under his leadership, CcHUB has driven the growth of social innovation and technology across Africa through support to ground-breaking initiatives and businesses including Lifebank, BudgIT, Taeillo, Drugstoc, CcHUB Growth Capital, the CcHUB Design Lab (Rwanda) and the recent acquisition of Africa’s first known tech hub, iHUB (Nairobi).

Prior to CcHUB, he honed his depth of experience by designing and managing profitable business models for high-end enterprise solutions working with the International Trade Centre (UNCTAD/WTO) and Hewlett Packard (Switzerland) on projects supporting African SMEs to leverage technology to grow their businesses. As European Innovation Manager at PERA; He led the networking and coordination of the largest European Innovation Agencies with the goal of standardising approaches to knowledge commercialisation across Europe.

‘Bosun Tijani holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and a diploma in computer science from University of Jos (Nigeria), a masters’ degree in information systems and management from Warwick University and currently concluding a up a doctoral degree programme in innovation systems at the University of Leicester (United Kingdom). He is a Desmond Tutu fellow and a fellow of the Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law at the prestigious Stanford University. He is happily married with two children.

Afolabi Oke

MD/CEO, Global Infoswitch

As the founder of Global Infoswift, currently among the fastest growing companies in Africa, He oversees the smooth running of the company with all sales and business development functions, including new product rollouts, key account management, customer relationship development, contract negotiations, and order fulfillment. Provide cross-functional team training, coaching, and mentoring. Direct network of regional sales managers and marketing associates located throughout Nigeria and West Coast. Design,
implement, and adjust various sales plans and programs.

Afolabi functions as chief visionary and inspiration officer for the group. He provides strategic direction, articulates corporate vision, mission and strategy as well as values that define the culture of the team. Talented, results-producing Marketing Professional with a proven record of accomplishment in planning and leading comprehensive marketing strategies in support of business goals and objectives, Expertise in directing the creation of marketing tools and steering the execution of marketing programs.

Demonstrated success-driving growth in targeted markets through implementation of key projects. Solid leadership skills; able to build and guide top-performing marketing teams. Adept at communicating with management, vendors, and internal departments to coordinate overall marketing efforts, tenacious in building new business, securing customer loyalty, and forging strong relationships with external business partners

Dr. Chinny Ogunro

CEO, WellSpring Health

My name is Chinny C. Ogunro, and I am a business operations and strategy specialist. I am the Chief Executive Officer of WellSpring Health, an integrated care consortium committed to delivering quality, affordable healthcare at scale. Though my passion is in healthcare, in my spare time, I like to provide support to enterprises and individuals, helping them develop specific skills, execute on their plans, and gain the tangible tools they need to succeed with their businesses and life-long careers.

My goal is to transform lives. In my role as a health system operator, I lead our global team to identify the most critical problems, develop systematic processes to solve them, and execute our plans in order to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients a year. In that same manner, my work at chinnyco.com is centered on communicating some of my thought leadership, as well as hopefully help you toward achieving your goals. I’m very big on learning and supporting..

My passion stems from my belief that people deserve a chance at living their best possible life. The difficult work I do to improve health systems is in order to elevate patients, families, communities, and entire nations to their highest possible heights. The work I do for businesses and career professionals is to elevate individuals, SMEs, and larger organizations to achieve their highest potential. Most plans are usually good, but execution is the missing piece that I help ignite.

Ugochukwu Jay Chikezie


Jay Chikezie is the Founder and CEO of TremenDoc a tele-health solution that enable people receive medical care consultations via chat, audio and video calls.

His career also boast of a role as CEO of Nairabox as well, a digital lifestyle wallet that helps Africans conveniently make payments for their lifestyle needs. In just two years he has secured partnerships and clients with the likes of the Hygeia, a number of medical facilities, major banks like Sterling Bank, UBA, Guaranty Trust Bank, Diamond Bank, Access and First Bank, etc.

Jay got his first stint in the technology space in 2011, when he was appointed the Commercial Manager of Hibuzz, the first online digital content aggregator in Nigeria. His deep network across industries (Telcos, Banking, Healthcare, Media and Entertainment) has allowed him secure partnerships for different businesses.

He is a Lords Dry Gin Awardee, 2020, and a Go-Global Champion 2020 (UK International Tech Hub)

Jay is a technology enthusiast with an ambitious spirit. He’s a family man, loves travelling and playing video games. Jay holds a BSc in Microbiology from Ebonyi State University.

Nneile Nkholise Nkholise

FOUNDER, iMED Tech Group

Nneile Nkholise is a Mechanical Engineer and Social Entrepreneur, founder of IMed Tech Group; a company that specializes in medical design, engineering and, technology.

Their aim as a company is to fill the gaps of growing prosthetic demand in South Africa and to use technology that enables the production of high quality products, that meet customer needs at impressive prices.

She also recently started 3DIMO; a sport tech company that is focused on the detection of sports injuries, prevention, and rehabilitation. She creates digital models for athletes that are analyzed and observes what happens when athletes train to predict injuries.

She launched her career in 2011 as a mechanical engineer at the Free State’s Public Works Department, before founding iMed Tech in 2015. Her work at iMed Tech in CAD and Additive Manufacturing in breast prosthesis earned Nkholise several awards, including Forbes 30 Under 30 and the presidential award for Science, Innovation and Technology at the South African Youth Awards in 2017.

Nkholise values the development of young women in Africa and wants to utilize iMed Tech to create opportunities for women. She and her team understand the concept of giving back and have set aside $3000.00 to fund an organisation in South Africa whose primary objective is the development of STEM and Entrepreneurship, particularly to help young girls pursue careers in those fields.

Dr Abasi Ene-Obong

CEO, 54gene

Dr Abasi Ene-Obong is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of 54gene, a health technology company advancing the state of healthcare through large scale discovery and translational research, advanced molecular diagnostics, and clinical programs for the benefit of Africans and the global

He holds a PhD in Cancer Biology from University of London, a Masters in human molecular genetics from Imperial College London and a Masters in Business Management from Claremont Colleges, California. He also worked as a cancer researcher and published a seminal paper on pancreatic cancer immunology, Gastroenterology Journal. He has extensive experience operating in the US, UK and Nigerian healthcare industries. Prior to 54gene, Dr Ene-Obong worked with leading healthcare organisations, including Fortune 100 pharmaceutical companies, academic and research institutions, and governments as a management consultant with PwC and IQVIA
(formerly QuintilesIMS).

Founded in 2019, 54gene has made the Time Magazine list of 12 innovations that would change healthcare in the 2020s and has been listed by Nigeria’s Punch newspaper as 1 of 5 innovations that would improve healthcare for Africans. 54gene also made the Fast Company list of the world’s ‘Most Innovative Companies’ in 2020. It was also awarded the best health technology solution by AppsAfrica and Dr Ene-Obong was listed as 1 of 30 most innovative entrepreneurs on the African continent in 2019 by Quartz Africa.

In September 2020, Dr Ene-Obong was labelled a Nigerian hero in the fight against COVID-19, by Nigerian newspaper, ThisDay, and also included in
Fortune’s 40 under 40 most influential people in healthcare for the year 2020.

Akin Abayomi


Prof. Akin Abayomi is the current Lagos State Commissioner for Health.

He is a physician and pathologist specialising in blood disorders, environmental health and human development, Internal Medicine, haematopathology, wilderness management.

He has worked as the Principal Investigator, Global Emerging Pathogens Treatment Consortium. He was also the Head of Division of Haematology, Tygerberg Hospital, Cape Town, University of Stellenbosch.

He has worked in the UK, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Barbados, St Lucia and South Africa. 

He studied at the University of London.

Godson Ogumka -Co-Founder/CEO, Pan-African Spark

Godson is an Entrepreneur, Investment and Technology Consultant forGovernment  and Non-state actors. He specializes in the design and implementation of Smart projects. He is an Advisor with interest inEntrepreneurial Education, Technology, Emergency Solutions and SMEs. He has collaborated with various institutes and governments across Africa in several developmental efforts within the African continent. He co-founded Pan-African Spark in 2015, and is widely recognized globally for his support and contributions to the growth of what he dubbed “Technopreneurial education”.

In June 2014 he was named one of the Smart Pioneers of phenomenal technology thinking and creative design during the #SharedFuture Project of IndiAfrica, hence the name – “African Technopreneur” by GSF Accelerator. In June 2015, as the only African finalist, he was named as one of the only eight global Accelerating Entrepreneurs by the DBS Foundation Singapore during the finals of Lee Kuan Yew Global Business Plan Competition. After Winning the Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition, University of Washington Michael G. Foster School of Business in March 2013, Godson has inspired leadership by example and this development birthed his drive towards Africapitalism. Under
the supervision and delivery of Spark Innovation Hub, he is presently overseeing a Project with Abia & Kaduna State Government on building technology e-relay and enumeration frameworks in the state. Godson is a committed grassroots technology advocate and has trained and inspired more than 25,000 youths in different career disciplines.

Folashade Adefisayo – Honourable Commissioner for Education, Lagos State

Folasade Adefisayo is the Principal Consultant/CEO of Leading Learning Limited, an educational consultancy incorporated in 2014. She has consulted for public and private schools, state governments, NGO’s and development partners. Her areas of professional focus include teacher training, leadership training, school set-up and schools’ transformation.

Folasade Adefisayo is an education activist with a passion for student learning, school transformation and teacher training. She is deeply concerned about the learning crisis in Nigerian schools and has volunteered to work with the Federal Government, Lagos State Government, Osun State Government and Oyo State Government.

She is also dedicated to improving other peoples’ lives and has served as a volunteer with a number of NGOs – Federal Nigerian Society for the Blind, Volunteer Corps, Junior Achievement, Fate Foundation, Yedi, Teach for Nigeria, Oando Foundation, SWORTE Talks among others.

She was a Merit Award winner of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and a University Scholar of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

In 2011, she decided to get certified as a professional educator and embarked on an online post-graduate course of the University of Nottingham.

Folasade Adefisayo is widely traveled and has been to Europe, North America, Far East, Middle East and nearly all countries in Africa.

Orondaam Otto

Founder, Slum2School Africa

Orondaam Otto is a young African, passionate about social reform and development. He has over 10 years’ experience across various fields in community development and social enterprise management.

Currently, Otto is an executive director of Slum2School Africa, where he leads a team of 40 team managers and hundreds of volunteers to provide equal opportunities for disadvantaged children across slums and remote communities. He also consults for corporates, social enterprises, foundations, and governmental institutions, helping them develop sustainable solution-based programs to address major social issues.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Human Anatomy, an executive master’s in Project Management from CUPE, UK, and a certificate in Social Change, Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship from the United Nations University for Peace, Costa Rica. Otto plans to build a sustainable network with other Fellows across Africa to ensure that every disadvantaged child across the continent has access to equal education and other opportunities.

Adeiye Oluwaseun-Sobo

Founder, The Intentional Teachers Network

Adeiye Oluwaseun-Sobo is an educator with 12 year’s experience across education and administrative positions. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Covenant University and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Nottingham. Currently a Sectional Head with Corona Schools Trust, one of Nigeria’s leading educational institutions with more than 6 decades of excellent service, Adeiye is a seasoned educational professional. In her position, she oversees the smooth operation of the lower primary school, managing both academic and administrative activities.
She was as well an academic instructor for first graders where she leveraged on her passion for early childhood development, her extensive training and knowledge base to equip young children with foundational exposure to academics and character development. She operates on the philosophy that teaching goes beyond the curriculum. It should be both internally and externally transformational. Lessons should never be about just the knowledge in the present but also about how it can be used to change the future and a classroom should always provide opportunities for children to think beyond themselves and use knowledge for impact.

Beyond this, she is the founder of The Intentional Teachers Network, an online and physical community that supports teachers to function at maximum capacity while enjoying a rich sense of fulfilment and connectedness. As the head of this initiative, she provides strategic leadership in line with the vision of the initiative to empower educators. She leads the team in curating avenues for teacher development and education by providing enabling environments for educators to interact; bridging the gap between educators, knowledge and necessary resources.

Adeiye’s passion for impact has been repeatedly acknowledged through awards and recognitions, She was an Africa Special Awardee for the 2019 Next Generation Foresight Practitioners Awards; the Corona Model Teacher of The Year, 2016/2017 session; Teacher of The Year, Corona School Victoria Island, 2016/2017 session and Assistant Teacher of the Year; Corona School, Lekki, 2013/2014 session. She also received the Executive Director’s Award during the 2013/2014 Staff Recognition Awards and the Team of The Year award for the 2016/2017 session, She has repeatedly maintained a position among the overall Top 10 performers (out of 600 people) between 2013 to 2019 in the Reach the Bar, an annual aptitude, core teaching area and English competency examination and in 2012, she received recognition as the overall best performer in the exam.

In addition to her busy work schedule, she participates in social responsibility through volunteer activities. She was a volunteer with the Project One Million Souls where she managed a minimum of 11 volunteers while also managing fundraising and financial reports. She is as well a volunteer mentor, participating in juvenile correctional outreaches to conduct character reformation mentorship sessions for individual children. She was once a volunteer member of the Covenant University Tour Guides Association, where she ultimately served as the President of the association. Beyond this, she volunteered as a facilitator at the H.O.P.E Camp for teenagers, she coordinates the Voiceover Kids Course of the Voiceover Academy while equally intermittently offering child education classes and educator trainings across organisations.

She has facilitated several educational sessions both for children and adults via the Intentional Teacher’s Network and others. More recently she convened the Vision Board Session For Educators and Virtual Speed Mentoring Session for Educators during which has been a launchpad for diverse attendees. In 2019, she facilitated the Voice Over Kids Course in public speaking. She also facilitated the Corona School Gbagada Vision Board session and the Safe 2 Teach session on ‘Improving Teachers’ Capacity to Keep the 21st Century Child Safe’, organized by the Fundawazi Foundation. She was as well in charge of the in-house training Sessions with Corona School Victoria Island on International Primary Curriculum.

Adeiye whose commitment to the improvement of the Nigerian educational sphere is unparalleled published her first book, Dear Teacher…Musings of an Intentional Teacher in 2019. This book is a collection of thoughts that encourage and challenge teachers to examine their mindsets and paradigms. Which in turn will help teachers everywhere discharge their duties excellently. Driven by her passion for wholesome education, she is currently working on publishing her children and teachers’ journals amongst others. She holds family dear, loves to read, write, design and believes in integrity, hard work, respect and exemplary leadership.

Eyitayo Ogunmola -Founder of Utiva

Eyitayo Ogunmola is a Nigerian business transformation, project management, people development expert, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Utiva, a talent accelerator that helps graduates in Sub-Saharan Africa transition from school to work through skill development, employment and entrepreneurship.

He graduated with a medical physiology degree from the University of Ilorin. He got his MSc. in business strategy, leadership and change from Heriot-Watt University. He is a 2015 Atlas Corps fellow and a mentor of the Tony Elumelu Foundation Program. In 2019, Eyitayo was made a fellow of the Global Good fund. He is also a Chevening alumnus. He was nominated for the Prize for Education at Future Awards Africa 2019.

Leading the largest virtual tech school in Africa with a presence in North America. Using disruptive technology to drive scale and impact to the last corner of the continent, he has worked and lived in 6 countries, taken leadership roles in project & product management, digital transformation, strategic sales programming.

Eyitayo also worked on lots of small projects and over 20 large projects; implemented government institutional strengthening programs, international development frameworks, TVET, and tech projects. Has also managed projects in Zambia, El-Salvador, Honduras, United Kingdom, United States(DC), Tanzania, Indonesia and of course, Nigeria.

Jacqueline Malenga

Country Manager Retail at ZOLA Electric Nigeria

Jacqueline is Country Manager Retail at ZOLA Electric Nigeria, a solar energy company transforming lives by providing clean, reliable, and affordable energy solutions.

Jacqueline drives ZOLA’s retail strategy ensuring solar solutions are accessible anywhere.

She has over Seven years experience building business processes, retail strategy, and sales teams in different countries in East & West Africa including Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, Ivory Coast, and currently in Lagos Nigeria.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Information systems from Nelson Mandela University.

Ayodeji Ademilua

CEO, A4&T Power Solutions

Ayo Ademilua holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration with specialization in finance and a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Ondo State University.

He has over Twelve years experience in the Finance industry and has worked in different banks in Nigeria before leaving Guaranty Trust Bank to pursue his entrepreneurial endeavour. He brings on board his astute business analysis skills with leadership intuition that is synonymous with excellence and growth.

He acquired requisite skills for renewable energy business from training and conferences locally and internationally. He is a member of the sustainability commission of the Nigeria Economic Summit Group (NESG) consulting on matters relating to renewable energy generation and low carbon emission.

Iyionluwa K.O Abdul

CEO, MOJEC Intl Holdings

Ms Chantelle Abdul is a consummate business woman,
key power sector stakeholder and serial entrepreneur
whose experience and reach despite her young age,
traverses the globe-from the America to Africa and Asia.
As Managing Director and Chief Executive of Mojec
International holdings, Ms Abdul presides over a
portfolio of companies that are leaders in their
respective industries namely: Mojec Meter Asset
Management company, Virtuitis Solaris Power, Mojec
Meter Company, Agriculture and the Meter Service Hub.
Before joining MOJEC, she was the Vice President,
Development at The Executive Group (TEG), a
Washington based Consulting Group known for bilateral trade & advisory in critical sectors.
Her first venture into Africa was the Licence acquisition
and rights to production and broadcast of the African
version of Donald Trump’s acclaimed business series:
The Apprentice Africa across the US, UK and Africa. She
later went on to launch her own investment series
called: The Billionaire Executive Series.
Ms Abdul who graduated Cum Laude from The George
Washington University in Washington, D.C, ( a Bachelor’s
Degree in Biotechnology and Economics), began her
career with Solomon Smith Barney in Washington DC in
2002 and later at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter in 2003-
2004. She’s in the process of acquiring her Executive
MBA from the United States.

Olalere Odusote

HC, Energy & Mineral Resources, LASG

An Engineer, Investment Manager and Information Systems expert, who has criss-crossed the engineering, business, investment and information services sectors, set out as an engineer after he bagged a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the nation’s premier University, the University of Ibadan in 1995.

Due to his passion for Investment Management and Information System, he obtained an MBA in Investment Management and Information Systems from Pace University, New York in 2001.

He subsequently acquired professional skills in Mastering Partnerships and Strategic Alliances, Innovation for Growth, Project Finance for Public Private Partnerships, Change Management and Organizational Behaviour and Leadership.

Olalere had worked with the West African Batteries Limited as a Management Trainee; Kaypee Furniture Company as a Maintainance Engineer, Schlumberger – Drilling and Measurements, Nigeria as a Field Engineer.

He was equally at General Electric Energy-Contractual Services, Nigeria, UK and USA, as Sales and Contract Performance Manager in charge of Client Services and Sales, Project and Account Management before moving to Oando PLC, Nigeria as Head, Business Development; Business Development among other positions held in the company.

Until his nomination, he was at Axxela Limited Nigeria (formerly Oando Gas and Power Limited) as a Structured Ventures Executive.

Chidi Ajaere

Executive Director, GIG Group

Chidi Ajaere is a Nigerian businessman investor and Executive Chairman of GIG Group under which we have the God is Good motors and GIG Logistics.

In partnership with Aim Higher Africa, GIGL launched a “Back-2-School Giveaway” in 2019, where school backpacks filled with school supplies are given to children residing in low-income communities in Ghana

Dr. Frederic Oladeinde

Honourable Commissioner for , Transport

Dr. Frederic Abimbola Oladeinde has worked in the transport industry for over 20 years and until now was the Director, Corporate and Investment Planning in Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA).

He began his career as a Senior Transport Consultant in a transaction advisory role at Oscar Faber Consulting in London, United Kingdom and in year 2000 joined the Department for Transport, UK as a Senior Transport Planning Adviser, where he was responsible for advising the British Minister of Transport of the impact of various transport schemes and policy options.

Dr.Oladeinde joined LAMATA in 2008 through Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility (NIAF), A Department for International Development, UK (DFID) Funded Programme as a Transport Planning Expert and Technical Adviser, heading the Transport Planning Unit of the organization and led a team of consultant in developing a 20-year Strategic Transport Master Plan (STMP) for Lagos megacity.

Dr.Oladeinde took up the role of Director of Corporate and Investment Planning in 2016 and led the planning strategy on the future transport need s of Lagos state, coordinating the implementation of transport scheme initiatives and securing investment for the provision of transport infrastructure.

He was born on the 2nd of October, 1966. Dr.Oladeinde has B.SC (Hons) Mathematics, M.Sc Applied Statistics and Operational Research DIC, PhD Transport Planning (Modeling) and Engineering. He is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (UK).

Fola Tinubu

Managing Director Primero Transport Services Ltd

Fola Tinubu is the Managing Director of Primero Transport Services Limited, a Bus Rapid Transit System.

He has worked as the Managing Director of Greater Washington Mortgage.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Politics from the University of East Anglia and also an MBA in Retail Management from the University of Stirling

Uche Ogboi

Chief Operating Officer, Lori Systems Corp

Uche Ogboi is one of the leading women in technology and technology
investment with a rare combination of finance, banking, tech investing
and operational experience. She is a turnaround expert with a stellar
track-record in driving value creation through excellent execution and
implementing processes and structures. Uche is passionate about
driving the efficiencies that technology brings across various sectors.
Uche is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Lori Systems Corp, an elogistics startup and one of the largest and fastest growing startups on
the continent which was recently nominated as a 2020 techpioneer by
the World Economic Forum. At Lori Systems, Uche manages a 200-
person team across 11 countries and she grew the Nigeria business by 10-
times in less than one year – a feat she successfully achieved by
implementing key initiatives and instituting processes and structure.
Uche was Principal, Investments at EchoVC Partners, a Pan-African tech
and tech-enabled stage- and sector- agnostic venture capital firm,
where she grew the company’s portfolio by 5-times investing in startups
across various sectors including healthcare, fintech, telecoms and
agriculture. Uche was also an Investment Banker at Citibank for 8 years,
focusing mainly on M&A, Advisory and structured products.
She was involved in deploying over $8billion of capital across various
regions including Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe.
Whilst at Citi, she managed the bank’s SME fund and was involved in
structuring the bank’s agriculture lending initiative. Before joining Citi,
Uche worked as an accountant for 2 years.
Uche is a Chartered Financial Analyst, qualified with the Association of
Chartered Certified Accountants and the Investment Management
Certificate. She holds an BSc. in Accounting and Finance from the
University of Birmingham.

Charles Ogunmola

MD/CEO Redtech Limited

Charles is the MD/CEO of Redtech Limited a Pan African focused FINTECH with a specialism in Financial Switching, Payments, VAS and Professional Services. Prior to this, Charles has worked for Heritage Bank, UBA Plc & Globacom in Nigeria in various Senior Management and Directorial Roles.

After working 17yrs for British Telecom, AT&T, First Telecom and Level 3 Comms across Europe, N.America and Middle East in various Technical Management roles, Charles returned to Nigeria in 2002 to Head the Business Support Systems Unit in Globacom prior to full commercial launch.

Onyeka Akumah

Cofounder & CEO, Treepz

Andrew NevinOnyeka Akumah is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Farmcrowdy, Nigeria’s first digital agriculture platform with a network of over 182,000 farmers connecting with finance, market access and technical expertise across all 36 states in Nigeria, including the FCT. Onyeka is also the Co-Founder of Plentywaka, Nigeria’s premier bus-hailing app focused on transforming the public transportation space with technology and successfully moving close to 200,000 riders in its first 12 months of operations.

Prior to Farmcrowdy & Plentywaka, Onyeka held several top management positions in high-profile startups like Jumia, Wakanow and Konga. He also worked for top firms like for Deloitte, The British Council and Guaranty Trust Bank where he led their marketing efforts online.

Onyeka was appointed to the E-Agric Stakeholders Forum by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Nigeria and was also made one of the youngest members of the Honorary Council of the Abuja Chamber of Commerce & Industry. He has been featured as one of the top 50 Disruptors of 2020 by The Africa Report and listed as one of the 2020 top 50 Innovators to watch across the globe by the Globe Shakers.
Onyeka won the Entrepreneur of the year award by Gage Awards, has been listed as one of the Top 10 CEOs under 40 and he was recently ranked the 26th most influential young person in Africa. Onyeka currently sits on the Board of leading tech start-ups in the United States and Nigeria with a keen interest on the Agriculture, Real Estate and Transportation sectors.

Kola Masha

Babban Gona Farms

Kola is the Managing Director of Babban Gona, an award winning, high impact, financially sustainable and highly scalable social enterprise, part-owned by the farmers we serve. Babban Gona, was created to specifically attract youth to agriculture and away from the looming instability of extremist groups.

Kola was a Managing Director and CEO of a major subsidiary in the Notore Group, one of Nigeria’s leading agricultural conglomerates, where he raised US$24 Million to develop an integrated agricultural trading, production and processing business. Furthermore, he led the development and execution of Notore’s commercial strategy across West and Central Africa, preparing the company to sell one million tons of fertilizer and establish a modern seed business. He led the effort to raise $130 million in equity and the restructuring of $360 Million in debt.

In addition, Kola brings extensive public sector experience as Senior Advisor to the Nigerian Minister of Agriculture. In recognition for his leadership in driving positive change on the African Continent he has received several global awards including the prestigious Eisenhower Fellowship, a leading leadership institute led by General Collin Powell and appointed to the Board of the African Enterprise Challenge Fund, a $250Million fund that awards grants and repayable grants to private sector companies to support innovative business ideas in agriculture, agribusiness, renewable energy, adaptation to climate change and access to information and financial services. Kola holds an MBA (Honors) from Harvard and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Abisola Olusanya

Acting Commissioner for Agriculture

Ms. Bisola Olusanya is a tenacious and result-oriented professional with almost 10 years of professional experience in leadership roles in Sales & Marketing and Supply Chain management – executing strategies towards Food security, SME inclusion, growth and profitability within a sustainable ecosystem. She is a leader with participative management style and proficiency in establishing and managing entire operations with key focus on a sustainable organizational culture.

Ms. Olusanya attended St. Margaret Nursery & Primary school (Ikorodu) and obtained her First Leaving Certificate in 1994, and then proceeded to Queen’s College, Yaba- Lagos for her secondary education where she finished in 2000. Armed with a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from the University of Lagos (2006) and an MBA from the prestigious Lagos Business School (2011), Ms. Olusanya is well-tuned to global management practices

Ms. Olusanya joined Olam International – one of the world’s largest Food and Agri Supply chain companies in 2011 under the company’s West African Management training program, where her immediate stellar performance propelled her to senior management level by end of 2014. Her work leading Sales, Marketing and Supply chain operations for one of the largest business segments in Olam (Ghana) has provided her with extensive industry and international exposure to trading which has enabled a broad global mindset as a result of working with stakeholders in Mozambique, Cameroun, Vietnam, Thailand, India, UAE, and Singapore.

Overall, Ms. Olusanya has a proven track record of diligent professionalism, hard work, being a person of integrity and committed to meeting organisational objectives with laser focus on creating and adding value.

Joseph -Olivier BILEY

CEO of WeFly Agri

Joseph-Olivier BILEY CEO of Wefly Agri, a drones and mobile technology start up that allow absentee landlords to monitor their farms and plantations remotely. WeFly Agri uses drones to map and monitor land, and offers users access to proprietary software that monitors all the activities on the plantation.

BILEY has a double Bachelor in Marketing and International Finance which he obtained from Paris, London and Chicago at INSEEC Business School as well as a Master’s in Management specializing in disruptive innovation from San Francisco in the Silicon Valley with brio, after being selected as one of the 8 most promising entrepreneurs of the group to complete the program.

He is currently leading the WeFly Agri team to deliver on his vision of empowering farms and bringing precision agriculture to their everyday life.

He is now:

• Among the 20 Change Makers West Africa

• Digital entrepreneur of the year 2018 in Cote d’Ivoire

• Best agtech entrepreneur in Africa under 30 by Agrostrides

• Among the 35 young innovators in Africa in 2019

Joseph-Olivier is a driven and entrepreneurial leader with a desire to make positive change in the world. He believes in the African Dream

Azeez Oluwole Saheed

Founder/Chief Marketing Officer, FarmKonnect Nigeria

Azeez Oluwole Saheed is very passionate about agriculture. He started his life as a farm boy in a small garden in Mokola Ibadan, where his father grew vegetables and fruits. This experience became the foundation for his passion for agriculture. In 1991, young Oluwole became an aquaculture apprentice under his brother Mr Yussuf Abiodun Azeez, where he gained practical knowledge and experience on fresh fish aquaculture. He also made his first investment into that agricultural field in 2001.

Trained as a chemist, Oluwole built a career as a versatile military officer of the Nigerian Navy and a maritime security specialist. He believes that a fundamental factor to world peace and maritime safety is food security. Consequently, he decided to turn his guns to ploughs, convinced that food security will promote peace that warships and missiles cannot. As a result, he voluntarily resigned his presidential commission to turn his passion into a Mission.
Oluwole is an agribusiness builder, energetic, passionate, and daring. He has grown FarmKonnect with nothing, from a 200-dollar hobby in 2016 to exceeding its One Million Dollar Mark within one year, even before the official launch of the Company’s operations. Oluwole is a perpetual opportunity creator, and strives to create opportunities for investors in the agricultural industry. In 2020, FarmKonnect will be inaugurating its first Agricultural Real Estate in Wasimi, Tagged, and The WaVe City, which will create about 1,000 jobs, and contribute nutritious vegetables to Nigerian Market on completion in 2023. The launch of the First Agricultural e-centre, located in Oyo State will help to enhance the production of farmers by helping with real-time farm surveillance, irrigation management, plant health management, precision farming solution and agricultural drone services. The Centre will also train farmers and youngsters on application of drones and sensors in agriculture. This is the first centre of such in Nigeria and it is located in Ibadan. The centre will be opened to public by August 2020.

Understanding the need to engage youths and youngsters in agriculture, Oluwole founded the Agricultural Social Entrepreneurship Foundation (ASEF), a not for profit organisation with a view to raising African youths to dominate
Africa’s agriculture. The Foundation commenced its school agricultural club sensitisation and set up In Oyo State, introducing secondary school students to agriculture with the aim of raising potential farmers for the future generation
Azeez Oluwole Saheed is the founder and Chief Marketing Officer of FarmKonnect Nigeria and the President of ASEF.


Sim Shagaya

CEO, uLesson

Sim Shagaya is a Nigerian media and technology entrepreneur. He is the Founder & CEO of uLesson, an app built to specifically serve African needs and seek to engage African students in a manner that is culturally-relevant, and responds to the syllabi in their respective countries.

His career also boast of a role as Founder and former CEO of Konga Online Shopping Ltd, an online marketplace dedicated to providing the platform and tools required to bring Nigerian commerce and trade online.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from The George Washington University as well as an MBA in General Management from Harvard Business School.

Adekunle Silas

co-founder and former CEO of Reach Robotics

Adekunle Silas is the co-founder and former CEO of Reach Robotics, an augmented reality gaming company that creates robots for gaming and for STEM education. The startup has developed a 4 legged robot with lifelike movement called MekaMon.
on. The platform brings video game characters to life by combining robotics with augmented reality. Reach Robotics has also developed an app, which controls the MekaMon and acts as a portal to digital content. Adekunle has received $12 million from investors, including London Venture Partners, allowing the UK-based company to expand to 65+ full-time employees at its peak.
In 2018, Adekunle partnered with Apple, signing an exclusive distribution deal to sell his product in both the United States and Britain.Reach Robotics shut down on Sept. 2, 2019 due to “inherent challenges in the consumer robotics sector”.
Adekunle is now focused on using MekaMon to develop the Robotics education ecosystem across Africa and cloud infrastructure for industrial automation in the UK.
He founded the company Awarri, which aims to enable the development and adaptation of advanced AI & Robotics technology in Africa.
Adekunle is also the co-founder and CEO of Retail Insight (R.I). The company aims to help developers to quickly and securely implement the cloud infrastructure needed to remotely monitor, manage and control their robots, industrial automation and IOT devices

Joseph Agunbiade

Cofounder, , BudgITy

Joseph is the Chancellor of Univelcity a training school for software developers and designers. In September 2011 he co-founded BudgIT. Before starting BudgIT, he worked at Silicon Harbour Investment Company, where he headed Product Development and Management.
He has also worked at Getmobile Technologies Limited, which he founded as an IT consulting and training firm. Where he built various solutions for Government agencies, automated business processes and payment solutions. Every summer he volunteers to teach children in Nigeria how to code. He is the founder of SmartED a digital school offering complete learning solution for Primary and Secondary school education in Nigeria and makes learning
inclusive, interactive and fun. We create well illustrated, animated and gamified content of the Nigerian school curriculum that is designed to make students learn
faster with better understanding. While empowering teachers to deliver this innovation in classroom.

As a technology entrepreneur, he has over 15 working years’ experience Joseph has a B.Tech in Physics Electronics from the Federal University of Technology Minna, Nigeria and an Alumni of General Assembly, San Francisco. He enjoys reading, learning new ideas and discussing technological issues.